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Grand Haven Painters at Bylsma Painting want you to have ‘peace of mind’ when you begin your next painting project.  When you need an experienced professional to tackle your next Grand Haven painting project, look no further than the experts at Bylsma Painting. For over 40 years, Bylsma’s full-service Grand Haven painters have served Grand Haven and West Michigan well — delivering quality painting, staining and wall repair for residential and commercial clients throughout the area.

Our Grand Haven Painting Services include:

Grand Haven Exterior Painting

Nothing improves the appearance of your home like a fresh coat of paint. Our Grand Haven painters specialize in exterior painting designed to enhance and beautify the look of your home or business. Let Bylsma Painting’s experienced Grand Haven painting specialists restore your home to its original shine and protect the exterior from Michigan’s unforgiving weather.  Learn more about our Grand Haven exterior painters here.

Grand Haven Interior Painting

Does the inside of your home look drab or worn? Have your kids or grandkids marked and stained your walls and doors? Do the walls in your office need a fresh splash of color? If this describes your home or business, then our Grand Haven painting service may be just what you need. Let the expert Grand Haven painters at Bylsma Painting replenish the look of your home's interior with a professional and quality paint job. We specialize in interior painting and will transform your home or business with a clean, fresh and modern makeover.  Learn more about our Grand Haven interior painters here.

Grand Haven Commercial Painting

When you need professional painting in your office space, retail center or warehouse, our Grand Haven commercial painting experts specialize in providing you with high-quality results that won't hurt your bottom line. Commercial painting requires a unique skillset and experience — using anything less than an expert painter like Bylsma Painting can hurt your business.  Learn more about our Grand Haven commercial painters here.

Grand Haven Drywall & Plaster Repairs

For homeowners and business owners alike, a crack or hole in your wall can be aggravating. Sometimes, trying to do it yourself leads to bigger problems and more money spent down the road. For drywall and plaster repairs of any sort, let Bylsma Painting do the hard work for you.  Learn more about our Grand Haven drywall & plaster repairs.

Grand Haven Caulking & Window Glazing

The Grand Haven painting, caulking and window glazing specialists at Bylsma Painting want to help you to keep down your energy costs. As energy prices continue to rise, making your home or business energy efficient can save money. Our Grand Haven painters can seal your home or business to reduce your heating and cooling costs substantially over time.  Learn more about our Grand Haven caulking & window glazing here.

Grand Haven Staining

When your hardwood floors, cabinets, outdoor fencing or deck begin looking dull and worn, a new stain can make them look like new again. The Grand Haven staining specialists at Bylsma Painting are experts at applying the right stain — bringing out your wood's natural beauty while shielding it from damage. With years of experience and knowledge, Bylsma's Grand Haven painters will bring your deck, fence, cabinets or flooring back to life.  Learn more about our Grand Haven staining here.

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